Tips for Getting Better Sleep during pregnancy

The 5 things I swear by to help me get a good night’s sleep.

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Sleep. What even is sleep anymore?

I’m at the point in pregnancy where sleeping on my stomach can’t happen, and I have a pretty hard time falling asleep as it is…so needless to say it’s not been going well. (read: I am one TIRED mama).

But, with having a wild toddler around, I can’t just nap whenever I want, so I’ve had to get serious about finding a solution to help me fall asleep and not be mama zombie the next day. Here’s what has worked for me:

1. BUILD A ROUTINE — just like toddlers, we respond so well to routine. When I start to go through the motions of getting ready for bed, my body can tell it’s time to go to sleep and I have such an easier time. Skip one step, and I’m staring at the ceiling for hours.

2. SCREEN TIME – I have a rule for myself to put down my phone and turn the TV off at least 30 mins before I try to fall asleep. This easily fits into my routine as I usually read for 30+ mins before falling asleep, so I know I can cut out screens then.

3. SLEEP MASK – Yep, I’m one of those gals who wears a sleep mask, and I’m proud of it! I’m SO sensitive to light, to the point where the nightlight in the hallway bothers me, so I decided to get a sleep mask, and it’s been a game changer. I like this one from Amazon.

4. SLEEP MEDITATIONS – I use the @headspace app and listen to a sleepcast every night to help fall asleep, but you can use any sleep app or white noise app even that works for you. Really what this does for me is it distracts my mind away from thinking about the entire day, the next day, and worrying about that mean thing I said one time in 3rd grade (where my enneagram type 9s at??). These are what have worked for me, and I can tell a HUGE difference when I am purposeful about falling asleep vs. going back to old habits.

Overwhelmed by where to start to get better sleep? Start with a routine and build from there!

What has helped you get better sleep during pregnancy?

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