Lightened up Ham and Potato soup

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It’s soup season, y’all! Ham and potato soup is a total comfort food for me, I remember my mom making it ALL the time growing up! But I’m sure there was a ton of cream in her version, so I decided to create my own lightened up, veggie-packed version, and dare I say I like it even more than what I remember eating growing up?!

My in-laws raise pigs on their ranch, and we regularly get some meat from them when they butcher one. And sometimes in those batches we get some random cuts that I’m like what the HECK do I do with this?? In this case, we got a pork leg steak. A pork leg steak from a 500+lb pig is…large. So, I knew I needed to incorporate it into a dish where we could have it for dinner and it would make enough leftovers to keep for a while.

Since I’m quite pregnant – 3rd trimester! – and have been prepping a lot of freezer meals, soup seemed like the perfect vehicle! And I keep hoping I can will this 80 degree California weather into turning into Fall, so I decided to recreate the Ham and Potato soup I remember eating growing up.

Potatoes act as the base in this soup, giving you no need for any cream, and the carrots and celery give it a super satisfying crunch. While you can absolutely incorporate some dairy into this if you want the extra creaminess, we tend to stay away from it as much as we can because it causes a lot of “depressurizing”, shall I say, in this house.

If you don’t have any ranch ham or wild boar on hand, absolutely buy pre-diced ham from the store. It will still be just as delicious!!

One thing to note — I have had friends try this without adding ham, and have reported that it is good, but ham definitely makes the meal. So, if you make this, be sure to add some protein because that is what ties it all together!

Have you made these? Let me know what you think or any questions you have in the comments below!

RECIPE (Serves 4-6)


  • 2 lbs Yukon gold potatoes, diced into 1 inch cubes⁠
  • 2 cups cubed ham⁠
  • 4 cups water⁠
  • 2 large carrots, diced into 1/4 inch cubes ⁠
  • 3 stalks celery, chopped ⁠
  • 1 small white onion⁠
  • 1 tbsp. olive oil⁠
  • 2 tsp thyme⁠
  • Salt and pepper⁠


Heat a large pot on the stove on medium-high heat. Add your olive oil, and onion, and cook your onion until it starts to brown, about 3-5 mins. Add in your potatoes and your water, and let it heat to a boil. Once boiling, turn the heat down to a simmer, and let simmer for about 20 mins, or until potatoes are fork-tender. Blend in the pot using an immersion blender (if you don’t have one, you can transfer to a blender then add back into the pot). Stir in your thyme, salt and pepper, ham, and veggies, and let the soup cook another 5 mins so the mix-ins heat through. ENJOY!⁠

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